For over 25 years Precision has produced the finest rotary feeders available. The robust fabricated housings and the heavy-duty rotors provide long life and superior performance in a wide range of applications. With a variety of construction materials to choose from, a Precision feeder can be configured to meet your specific needs. Sizes are available for feeding a few tons per hour to hundreds of tons per day.

Wood Waste, Bark, Solid Fuels, Wood Chips

Rotary feeders were first developed for handling wood chips – feeding into a pneumatic or other conveying systems. These were the first applications that Precision tackled.  We’ve learned a lot in the decades since. The Precision PMR Rotary Feeder is equipped with a helical rotor vane design and fixed tool-steel knife for shearing off oversized materials that seem to always find their way into the product stream. If your plant burns wood for power or steam generation or any of the alternative fuels in power plants or cement plants, the PMR Rotary Feeder should be your go-to choice.

If oversize materials were the only challenge for a rotary feeder, life would be simple.  We’ve seen it all – nails, rebar, gravel, sand, rocks, chunks of porcelain, and all kinds of foreign material.  That is why we build our PMR Rotary Feeders with the toughness to stand up to anything.

Our experience has shown that upgrading the barrel in a PMR feeder to Tri-Braze abrasion-resistant steel can be a very smart move for fuel feeding applications.  For the most extreme applications, we offer 1” thick Tri-Braze barrels.  We can even offer feeders with Tri-Braze rotors for, especially difficult situations.

All PMR feeders have our helical rotor design (right-hand or left-hand) with the rotor vanes tipped with 308 stainless steel for improved shearing action.  The tool-steel knives and helical rotor create a shearing action.  The shaft seal arrangement includes graphite-impregnated fiberglass packing and a Precision packing gland.  The endbells are sealed with adjustable brass seals to minimize air migration in pneumatic applications.  The standard rotor features a driveshaft that can be removed and replaced independently of the rotor body.

Precision-designed T-injectors promote the smooth, even discharge of fuels or chips into a pneumatic conveying line and we build

T-injectors for line sizes from 4” to 16” in diameter.  PMR feeders can be equipped with Nord shaft-mounted gear-motors or fitted with sheaves or sprockets for belt or chain drives.

See here for information on Precision’s feeder rebuilding program – we can rebuild competitor feeders as well as our own.

Minerals, Aggregates, Powders, Ash

For large volumes of minerals, cement, or other powders or small particulates, Precision offers a variation of our standard PMR feeder – the PMRD Double-Slope feeder.  In place of the knife in the PMR, the PMRD has replaceable slope plates on both sides of the inlet to funnel your material into the rotor.  The PMRD has straight, non-helical vanes on the rotor. 

Ideally suited to non-pneumatic applications or to applications with minimal airlock requirements, the PMRD is a very effective metering unit for large volumes of dry materials with small, homogenous particle sizes.  Typical applications include pulverized coal, ash, raw cement, or similar products.

Like the PMR, the PMRD features a fabricated feeder body with the option of upgrading from the standard mild steel barrel to a Tri-Braze barrel for abrasive applications.  With the exception of the straight rotor vanes and the replaceable inlet slope plates, the features and options on the PMRD are identical to the PMR.