The Precision PMV is a breakthrough in rotary valve design.  From its modular structure to its superior materials and precise manufacturing, the PMV represents the very best in rotary valve construction.  The PMV has a straight-forward purpose – maximizing performance, productivity, and long-life in your application.


A Revolutionary Modular Design:


The PMV is a bolt-together rotary valve

assembled of four components: a pair of

barrel sides, a pair of wear plates, a pair

of endbells, and a rotor.  Tight-tolerance

alignment pins and high-strength bolts

hold the components in an exact geometry.


Replacement of components, whether

in-plant or in the workshop, is quick and

easy.  Precision designed the PMV with

maintenance and serviceability in mind. 

The ease of service eliminates costly

downtime. Replacement of individual

components, rather than an entire rotary

valve, reduces operating cost.


The modular design goes one step further.  The barrel sides, which generally experience the most wear, are symmetrical

and mirror-images of one another.  They can be swapped from one side of the rotary valve to the other if, as is common, one side of the valve has greater wear than the other.  The barrel sides can also be rotated 180° to bring the bottom of the barrel side to the top.  Usually, either the top or the bottom of the rotary valve will see greater wear, so this simple rotation can be used to extend the cycle between barrel side replacements.


Precision carries an extensive inventory of replacement parts at the factory.  Call us and we can normally ship the same day.


Made to Last:


The PMV rotary valve is designed for the most challenging applications.  The PMV Severe Duty incorporates Tri-Braze abrasion-resistant steel for the rotor and barrel sides.  The wear plates and barrel sides are overlaid with RW-90, which is a unique, industrial chrome that incorporates diamond dust in the formulation for added wear resistance.  The PMV Ultra Duty includes an ion-nitriding step to increase the hardness and durability of the product-contact components.  Stainless steel PMV’s in a variety of grades and component are also available.


Whether your application is hot, abrasive, or corrosive, Precision can recommend a PMV to suit your need and solve your challenge.


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