The Precision Machine PMSE Side-Entry Valve is specially designed for handling molded, formed, granular, or pelletized product shapes with care. Its side-entry inlet allows material to slip gently into the rotor pocket from an angle, instead of a vertical drop, thereby minimizing product damage due to crushing and shearing.



The fabricated valve body of the PMSE is precision-machined to three decimal-place tolerances to maintain efficiency unmatched in the industry. The rotor is designed and constructed of the same materials and manufacturing processes as Precision Machine PMV® Modular Valves. And, like the PMV, the outer rotor diameter can be machined to handle elevated temperatures.

The PMSE’s eight-vane design ensures a two-vane, air-locking seal at all times. The adjustable orifice plate on the inlet, which can be either rectangular, V-shaped, or an inverted chevron, helps maintain control over the flow of material of various shapes and sizes.

The PMSE Side-Entry Valve is another innovative design for specialized applications with exceptional durability and wear resistance to maximize your uptime and maintain quality.





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