A Self- Cleaning Rotary Valve? Absolutely

Material build-up in the pockets of a rotary valve can be a serious problem. Throughput becomes reduced and upsets your process. You’ve got to stop production and clean out the valve.  Downtime is expensive.  The Precision PMDS Self-Cleaning rotary valve is a reliable, trouble-free solution to this problem.


The product rotor has rounded pockets to promote good material release.  The scraper or sweeper rotor is timed to sweep each pocket in the product rotor every revolution to prevent material build-up.  A robust gear-set keeps the two rotors perfectly synchronized and the Nord shaft-mounted gear-motor supplies the torque to keep the rotors turning

through your challenging product.



The PMDS is well-suited to any high-moisture or sticky product application.  In particular, it can be an ideal solution for handling lignite coal or pulverized coal that has been stored outside. Any sticky material is a good candidate - even corrosive materials.

Modular Design

Like its cousin the Precision PMV rotary valve, the PMDS Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve is a modular design. It is a bolt-together rotary valve assembled of components: a pair of upper barrel sides, a pair of lower barrel sides, a pair of wear plates, a pair of endbells, a product rotor, a sweeper rotor, a gear set, and a Nord drive. Tight-tolerance hardened alignment pins and

high-strength bolts hold the components in an exact geometry that assures high-performance.


Individual component parts can be replaced as they wear out – you do not have to throw out the whole valve. Replacement parts are available off-the-shelf at Precision’s factory.


Built Precision-Tough

High-moisture applications are some of the most challenging a rotary valve will ever face. Precision planned for the worst. The PMDS is constructed

with Tri-Braze abrasion-resistant steel for the barrel sides and the rotor.

Precision PMDS Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve

The wear plates and barrel sides are overlaid with RW-90, which is an exclusive, industrial chrome that incorporates diamond dust in the formulation for an added layer of extreme wear resistance. The Ultra Duty configuration includes the same Tri-Braze materials with a ion-nitriding process to increase the hardness and durability of all the product-contact components.


Hot applications – up to 500° or more – are possible due to the robust design. Stainless steel PMDS’s in a variety of grades and component versions are also available for corrosive applications. The PMDS can be manufactured in 304, 316 or duplex stainless steel.






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