For applications in the cement industry, Precision has developed a family of high-capacity, ultra-tough rotary feeders for feeding raw material or clinker: the PMCA Rotary Feeders.  Sized for the unique volumes in the cement industry, the PMCA feeders can handle everything from 100 tons per hour up to 500 tons per hour or even more. 

Standard features include 6-vane rotors with straight vanes and with rounded pockets to minimize material build-up. For raw material applications, the end bells and rotor body can be ported to route hot gas through the rotor core to help prevent material sticking in the pockets.  The rotor ends and end bells have a ring-in-a-ring mechanical air seal to help minimize false air introduction.  For most applications, the rotor-to-barrel clearance is machined to 0.050” per side which also reduces false air.  The barrels are overlaid with industrial chrome for long, durable life.  The feeder inlet has “rock shelves” on both sides with replaceable Tri-Braze wear plates.  The upper transitions are also built with replaceable Tri-Braze wear plates.  Precision’s standard drive arrangement is a Nord

shaft-mounted gear-motor utilizing a flange-mount to fasten the drive package to the feeder end bell. 

Typically used to feed into a vertical roller mill (VRM), the PMCA feeders combine a rugged design to withstand the massive flow of abrasive materials with the precise, tight tolerances needed to minimize false air introduction into the mill.


These feeders are built to operate without interruption through several outage cycles; in some cases 3-4 years between

rebuilding with minimal maintenance needs.  Featuring heavy-duty Tri-Braze barrels (thicknesses of ¾” to 1-1/2”) with a massive 6-vane rotor also built out of Tri-Braze, the smallest unit, the PMCA-35, can accept up to an 8” chunk of limestone or other raw material without jamming.  The PMCA-72, with 144 cubic feet per revolution of volume, can take on a 15” piece of material and can readily handle the feeding needs of the largest VRM’s in the world.    


Like all Precision feeders, the PMCA feeders can be rebuilt.  See here for more information on Precision’s feeder rebuild offering.  We even rebuild our European competitor’s cement industry feeders.








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