The PMA Rubber-tipped Airlock is designed for lighter duty applications without sacrificing maximum reliability and durability. It is ideal for less demanding applications where materials are not highly abrasive. Typically PMA airlocks are installed in dust collection systems where, for example, the airlock is positioned below an industrial cyclone.

Precision’s PMA airlock addresses these applications in both performance and price point, providing a light-duty airlock of exceptional value.

The Precision Rubber-tipped Airlock is a fully fabricated unit utilizing laser-cut and precision-formed A36 mild steel components for the end plates, barrel sides, upper and lower flanges, and the eight-vane rotor. The solid driveshaft is C1018 steel.

The eight-vane rotor assures that a two-vane seal is maintained at all times. The vanes are welded to the driveshaft and feature a set of continuously welded gussets to brace the eight vanes together assuring maximum rotor stability to assist with maintaining a tight seal.

A variety of replaceable tip materials are available to adapt to varying product types and to operating temperatures to and above 450º. The replaceable tips are attached to the rotor vanes with a backer plate and attachment hardware.

A variety of drive arrangements are available for the Precision Rubber-tipped Airlock, including Nord shaft-mounted gear motors and chain-and-sprocket drives from many manufacturers. Capacities range from 0.7 – 48.0 cubic feet per rotation (CFR).

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