The Precision Micro-Valve packs the durability, ease of maintenance, and long-life of its larger siblings into a compact package designed to feed a few dozen pounds to several tons per hour.  Like all the other Precision rotary products, it was designed to handle difficult and abrasive applications.


Available in 4140 abrasion-resistant steel or several grades of stainless steel, the rotor pockets can be adjusted to meter the precise volume of material in your application.  Commonly used for metering an additive into a larger process flow, the symmetrical design allows for dual-direction rotation.  Its funnel-shaped inlet and discharge mean no sharp corners for material to build-up.  The housing bore is flash-chromed for additional wear resistance.

Powered by a Nord shaft-mounted gear-motor or other drive arrangement, the Micro-Valve is perfect for metering powders, small granular materials, or other small particulates.

Both the housing and the rotor are machined from a solid block of steel.  The end bells incorporate self-aligning bearings with Viton lip seals.  Two grooves in the rotor body are machined to accept Viton Quad-Ring seals to prevent material migration along the rotor.  Suitable for applications up to 250° and for corrosive materials, the Micro-Valve is versatile and very dependable.






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