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Our Machine Shop Loads 16 Tons

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing shop features a full range of fabrication capabilities including automated robotic welding, along with some of the largest, most powerful computer numerically-controlled (CNC) machine tools available.

Consistently holding three decimal place machining tolerances requires skillful operators and the best materials, but mostly it demands modern CNC machine tools which can guarantee repeatability of dimensions.

Precision maintains an array of large capacity equipment.  The CNC mills in Precision’s manufacturing facility can handle material weighing up to 33,000 pounds with table travel up to 118” x 78” x 63”, and its lathes can turn shafts up to 126” in length and a 31” swing.

Precision works with virtually any material including various grades of steel, stainless and other alloys, but also plastics and other non-metallic solids.

We have the experience, the skilled craftsmen, engineers, and equipment not only to build PMV rotary valves, rotary feeders and screw conveyors to the tightest tolerances in the industry, but we also have the capability to handle your custom machining needs, whether a production run or a prototype model.

"Whether you are an OEM looking for additional capacity, an entrepreneur with an idea for a new product, or a plant operator that needs something done quickly, give us a call."

- Kirk Morton, President




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