Manufacturing cement is a large-scale operation with huge volumes of material and long, outage-to-outage production plans. The materials are abrasive and the operating conditions are demanding. Precision’s line-up of rotary equipment is designed for this extreme environment with a proven track record of reliable performance. 


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Feeding Raw Material

Feeding Raw Materials to the Grinding Mill:

Providing an accurate, reliable flow of limestone to the grinding mill is a critical factor in good mill

operation and

plant uptime...

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Feeding Raw Coal

Feeding Raw Coal:

Wet, sticky raw coal is one of the most challenging materials to move in a cement plant. For a solution that provides uniform feed 

rates – to optimize mill

performance – and

create an unattended

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Handling Pulverized Coal:

Keeping the flow of pulverized coal or pet coke into a Pfister weighfeeder is important to maintaining equilibrium in the Pfister and delivering the right amount of fuel to the

main burner or calciner.

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Pulverized Coal Rotary Valves

PMDS Rotary Valve
Precision Modular Rotary Valve

Feeding Alternative Fuels

Feeding Alternative Fuels:

Alternative fuels are not uniform nor consistent. A properly configured rotary feeder can optimize feed rates over varying tonnages and types of fuels...

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Precision PMR Rotary Feeder

Efficient cement grinding depends upon a consistent flow of clinker, gypsum, and other additives into the finish mill. A large capacity feeder that can stand up to the abrasiveness keeps and the plant at full production. 

Clinker/Finish Mill Feeders

Dust Collector Rotary Valves

Reliable long-term performance with close-to-zero maintenance and minimal fugitive dust what you are after? Precision’s PMV rotary valves can be configured to replace nearly any OEM rotary valve in a dust


Precision Modular Rotary Valve


Silo Discharge Rotary Valves

Precision Modular Rotary Valve

DSI/FGD System Rotary Valves

SOx and NOx control systems that inject lime, trona, fly ash, activated carbon or other sorbents must work if the plant is to maintain flue gas standards. Tight tolerance rotary valves provide efficient,

Precision Modular Rotary Valve
Precision PMR Rotary Feeder

A large volume of very fine material, usually in a difficult-to-reach location that is often very hot – sounds like a challenge. Precision’s solution can operate for years with minimal maintenance.

Feeding Raw Meal

Precision PMR Rotary Feeder

Rotary Cut-Off Valves





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