Precision Rebuilds

Sometimes, Precision’s customers are surprised to learn that we have an active business rebuilding rotary feeders.  In fact, we’ve been rebuilding feeders for 20+ years and many of our customers find a feeder rebuild to be an economical alternative to purchasing a new feeder.

Precision’s PMR and PMRD feeders feature a fabricated body that lends itself to an efficient rebuilding or re-manufacturing operation.  In addition, Precision regularly rebuilds feeders that were designed and built by other manufacturers.  All feeder rebuilds are backed by the same warranty as a new feeder.

Precision’s sales team can quote a “standard rebuild” to our customers without even seeing the feeder, but the quote will be subject to possible adjustments once the feeder arrives at our factory and we are able to complete an evaluation.

The process starts with the complete teardown and inspection of the feeder.  We will document its condition in photos and send the customer a full report on the feeder and a revised quotation if needed.  Common extras that are not included in a “standard rebuild” are a barrel replacement or a driveshaft replacement.

Once the rebuild is authorized by the customer, we begin with a thorough sandblasting of all components.  The feeder barrel will be bored out to a “clean-up” diameter that leaves a smooth, sound barrel.  The barrel is then coated with industrial-grade chrome.

 While the barrel is being reconditioned, the rotor undergoes a process called “ringing and vaning” where we cut back the rotor vanes and end-plates and weld on new material to an over-sized dimension.  Once the barrel has been re-chromed and a finished barrel diameter is known, the rebuilt rotor will be machined to bring the rotor-to-barrel clearance back to the original tolerance. 

Finally, the feeder is reassembled with refurbished end bells, new bearings, new brass end-seals, and new knives.

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