New 6-inch Diameter Rotary Valve Joins Precision Machine’s PMV® Family

Precision Machine & Mfg. Inc.’s revolutionary modular PMV® rotary valve family just got larger with a new, smaller valve.  A customer with extensive experience using Precision’s rebuildable rotary valves had an application that called for a unit with a capacity less than the PMV-8, but more than Precision’s Micro-valve series.

Demonstrating the flexibility of the PMV valve design and Precision’s engineering capabilities, we were able to quickly produce a PMV-6 (the number designation comes from the diameter of the rotor).  The smaller valve has a capacity of 0.06 cubic feet per revolution of the rotor (CFR) compared to 0.17 CFR for the PMV-8.  Precision’s engineers were able to utilize several parts common to the 8 in building the 6, saving time and money. 

By providing a range of valve sizes, Precision’s PMV series allows customers to select the valve that moves the right amount of material at the recommended RPM for their application. Like the PMV-8, the PMV-6 has all the innovative features of the Precision PMV modular rotary valve. 

“The modular PMV is a millwright’s dream,” said Kirk Morton, President. “It can be completely rebuilt on-site in under two hours, shaving days off of typical down-times for replacement of worn cast valves. There’s no need to inventory complete backup valves.  And because PMVs don’t use castings as a core, the valves can be produced and maintained to closer tolerances for better performance.”

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