Extreme-Duty for Extreme Environments

Product Feature: Precision Rotary Valves Designed for Extreme Environments

Precision Machine and Manufacturing’s modular PMV® rotary valves are available in Severe Duty and Ultra Duty versions for use in extreme industrial environments where typical valves do not last.

Precision’s Severe Duty models not only use piloted, flanged roller bearings to withstand radial thrust loading, but barrel sides and rotor are made from a 500 Brinell hardened alloy machined to three-decimal place tolerances. The barrel sides and end wear plates are plated with RW-90, an exclusive chrome-like alloy, that lasts longer than chrome.

For the harshest environments, Precision’s most durable valve is the Ultra Duty PMV. These valves are treated using our advanced metallurgical process for use in plants where coatings, such as hard chrome, are not desirable or when extreme wear has been a problem for other rotary valves.