Modular Valves Keep the Powder Flowing on Marble Hill

Calcium carbonate is used in an incredible number of ways in our society, from filler materials in paint, paper, and plastics to use in antacid tablets and toothpaste, and can be derived from many sources. The purest calcium carbonate, used in foods and pharmaceuticals, often comes from crushing marble rock. The world’s leading supplier of … Continued

Extreme-Duty for Extreme Environments

Product Feature: Precision Rotary Valves Designed for Extreme Environments Precision Machine and Manufacturing’s modular PMV® rotary valves are available in Severe Duty and Ultra Duty versions for use in extreme industrial environments where typical valves do not last. Precision’s Severe Duty models not only use piloted, flanged roller bearings to withstand radial thrust loading, but barrel sides and … Continued

Precision Rebuilds

Sometimes, Precision’s customers are surprised to learn that we have an active business rebuilding rotary feeders.  In fact, we’ve been rebuilding feeders for 20+ years and many of our customers find a feeder rebuild to be an economical alternative to purchasing a new feeder. Precision’s PMR and PMRD feeders feature a fabricated body that lends … Continued

NORD Drives- A Great Match for Precision PMV Rotary Valves

As strong and reliable as Precision’s PMV rotary valves are, they won’t work without a drive system.  Some of our customers prefer to re-use an existing drive if they have one, but more and more frequently we are asked to provide a drive package.  We have very high confidence in the NORD shaft-mounted gear-motors. Precision … Continued

PMCA-48 “Super” Feeder Cements our Leadership in Durability and Throughput

Precision Machine & Manufacturing has a long history of supplying rotary valves to the cement industry, but 2012 marks a milestone in conquering t he toughest challenges with the introduction of the PMCA-48 “Super” Feeder. This high capacity unit features innovations engineered specifically for the difficulties in handling limestone and other materials to be fed into … Continued

What You Need to Know about Feeders for Cement Plants

Cement plants take a harsh toll on their equipment. There is abrasive material involved from the beginning to the end of the process: limestone, shale, iron ore, clay. The plant needs to handle everything from dust to large rock pieces at hundreds of tons per hour. Every material handling station is a potential bottleneck if … Continued

PMSE Side-Entry Rotary Valve

At Precision, we listen very carefully to our customers and are committed to developing solutions to unique challenges.  This attitude led to the development of our PMSE side-entry rotary valve for gently handling formed, granular, or pelletized products.  Our customers wanted a durable, rugged piece of equipment that would handle these products with minimal damage. … Continued