Done Right, On-Time Guarantee™

Every order placed with Precision is a vote of confidence.  We respect and highly value the trust that our customers have in our company and our solutions. 

In industrial businesses, nothing is more frustrating and costly than disruptions to project plans and operating schedules.  Equipment that arrives late, incorrect, or incomplete can trigger a cascade of problems and unnecessary, unbudgeted costs.

We never want to be the cause of a disrupted schedule.  Our systems and processes give us great confidence that we won’t be.  We developed the Done Right, On-Time Guarantee™ as a way of sharing that confidence with our customers.

We promise that equipment or spare parts ordered from Precision will be what you ordered, complete, and on-time.  If not, we’ll make it right, immediately, and we’ll offer compensation to offset some of the disruption that we might have caused.

Done Right

We guarantee that the configuration of the equipment will be exactly as shown in the Approval Drawing or in the Order Confirmation. If it is not, Precision will:

  • Bear all the costs of returning the equipment to Precision, re-working it or building it again if necessary, and returning it to you by expedited means or send our team or a trusted contractor to your site to re-configure it if possible.
  • Issue a $2,500 credit

We guarantee that the equipment or parts that you order will arrive 100% complete with no back-orders or shortages of any kind.  If the order arrives at your site with anything missing, Precision will:

  • Pay for the expedited shipment of the missing items
  • Issue a $500 credit


We guarantee that any equipment or parts order placed with Precision will be ready to leave our factory on or before the ready-to-ship date in our Order Confirmation. If it is not ready on the promised date, Precision will:

  • Pay 100% of the shipping cost or reimburse you for the shipping cost if paid directly by you.

We believe that the Done Right, On-Time Guarantee™ is unique in the industry and is our way of demonstrating our confidence in ourselves and our commitment to our customer’s success. 


  1. The Done Right, On-Time Guarantee is offered for virtually all products/orders; your Precision quotation will indicate if the Guarantee is included
  2. The elements of the Done Right, On-Time Guarantee do not apply to damages or loss caused by a freight carrier; an independent claim against the carrier will have to be filed by the customer or by Precision depending on the shipping arrangements
  3. Nothing in the Done Right, On-Time Guarantee implies acceptance by Precision of a claim for liquidated, consequential, or other damages.  See Precision’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLYING TO ALL SALES.