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Variable Speed Control Rotary Actuator

The Variable Frequency Inverter Drive (VRD) now makes it cost effective to replace motor starters, soft starts, multi-speed motors, mechanical speed controllers, belt or chain reducing systems and DC drives with a compact, easy-to-use drive unit.  These controls offer the widest range of voltages (120v - 590v) , power ratings, enclosure types (NEMA1, 4/12, or NEMA4X) and meet the toughest requirements from harsh environments to high torque loads. They are housed in a heavy-duty steel enclosure for solid mechanical protection and electrical shielding.

The control has a 16 character backlit display for programming, diagnostics and drive status.  The control  has  55 programmable parameters that include four or more ways to start and stop the motor, forward and / or reverse rotation, adjustable acceleration and deceleration times, current limit, motor overload, preset speeds and many more built in options.

For the best performance and safety, we recommend that your new Rotary Valve or Screw Conveyor include this versatile option with your order.  All of our Nord drive packages includes inverter duty motors.

Rotary Actuator
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