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Rotary Valve

In my specific application, the use of the PMV-8 rotary valve has reduced maintenance costs by $60,000/yr and reduced the amount of product lost due to this piece of equipment. The operators are happy with the new valve, as the machine is easy to operate, does not degrade in performance as quickly as the old rotary valve, and also has a predictable leakage rate, which stabilizes the process. Maintenance technicians the PMV-8 as the valve is easy to maintain. In the past reduction in performance meant the valve was taken out of service (a lengthy process) and nylon pads changed. The new valve, when it does require maintenance, would only require removal of a few bolts and the side plates rotated. Then the valve would be ready for service again. To date the valve has been running for five months with no signs of wear whereas the old valve ran for a maximum of two before the pads required changing out.

As an added bonus the use of this valve has reduced the capitol cost of a rotary valve installation by 85% for future projects. The old rotary valve cost 12 times what the PMV-8 does and required large footprint and larger amount of utilities (electricity in particular).

All in all I am happy with the performance and support that I have received from my PMV valve. Precision Machining and Manufacturing has offered superior customer support and has a knowledgeable and courteous staff (both in house and the local representative) that is a pleasure to deal with. In the future I hope this sense of partnership can be sustained as both work to even further improve an already superior product for the price.

James Colbert
Bayer Corporation


Rotary Valve
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